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Welcome to Obsidian Security Services

Obsidian Security Services originated out of AegisCorp which was founded in 1996, has grown and evolved over the years. As the world of Computer Security has grown and evolved, so have we.

We offer a variety of services to our clients, and would be happy to discuss with you, the needs of your business or family. As as small ’boutique’ firm, we realize that every clients needs are different. Every client has differing needs, and we strive to treat every client according to his needs. We do not sell or push services you do not need. While trying to sell services that are unneeded would undoubtedly result in a short term bottom line increase. We feel that focusing on the needs of our clients and not our bottom line, will bring us prosperity. ¬†We feel that honesty to our clients will lead to the eventual growth, this work ethic has served us well over the years.

We also do not sell security package software to our clients. While we have from time to time had clients request certain software packages, we do not sell software directly. With most Security Software companies, to remain a distributer you must sell a certain number of software licenses. In the Computer Security consulting field, this sadly results in software being sold that is unneeded. While you’re specific needs may dictate the need for a security software package, we will will not sell that package to you directly. We will gladly support and maintain any software you have, but we will direct you to the distributer for obtaining that software directly.

You can rest assured we will only sell you the services you need.



We are NOT Obsidian Security Group.